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Pottery For Beginners

Sign Up Today for Pottery for Beginners Classes

Have you hesitated to start a pottery course because it seems like all the students are experienced? Sign up today for our pottery for beginners classes at The Hand Crafted Studio. Your instructor, Tanya Boyd, will take the time to get you comfortable working with one of the most timeless mediums in the world. You set your goals and Tanya will help you to achieve them. New classes begin at the start of the school term.  Depending on the length of the term, classes can run between 7-10 weeks.

A Complete Course to Expand Your Knowledge, Creativity, and Confidence

Not only will you come to love digging your fingers into a block of clay and molding it into a useful and beautiful object, but you will also have the chance to learn how to work with a pottery wheel. We have pottery classes scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Wednesday afternoons, and Friday mornings. We help each student to create something that brings you joy and pride. When you take home your project, you will experience a new level of confidence and creativity.

Our Pottery for Kids Classes Welcome All Ages and Abilities

Is your child always playing in mud puddles or sculpting their mashed potatoes? Sign them up for our Pottery for Kids course. We accept kids from ages eight and up. They will receive personalized instruction that supports their level of dexterity and creativity. Our teens will be introduced to the throwing wheel and endeavor to turn a pot worthy of a place in the center of your dining table. Classes run on Monday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Give us a ring or click on Contact for more information about the next available pottery classes held at The Hand Crafted Studio.

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