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Learning Pottery

Fulfill Your Bucket List and Register for Pottery Classes

Have you always loved the unique look and feel of a beautiful clay pot or pitcher? If you want to finally learn how to make your own, register at The Hand Crafted Studio for pottery classes today! This is more than a sip and spin night with your friends. Spend two hours once a week for a term and get some clay under your fingernails. Explore the different types of pottery skills, learn how to use all the tools, and create a special item that you will always cherish.

Learn About Pottery from an Experienced Artisan and Educator

Your instructor Tanya Boyd brings over a decade of pottery and teaching experience together. She works with every individual at their own level, supporting your creative choices while providing insight for a more professional finish. You begin by building a pot and discovering how clay moves, hardens and accepts color. After each lesson, you will go home with renewed insight into one of the oldest crafts on the planet.

Learning Pottery on the Wheel or Building with Your Hands

Some people watch an expert shape an intricate bowl on the wheel and think that they could never create such an item. When you work with a true artist, learning pottery is neither intimidating nor disappointing. When you sign up for class, you will have the opportunity to throw your very first piece on the wheel and see a positive result.

Learn more about our pottery classes at The Hand Crafted Studio with a click or call today.

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